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Blocked Drains

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Blocked drains? Leaking taps? Planning a renovation? Farquhar’s does it all…on time and on budget.


Farquhar’s has been a family-run business, servicing East Gippsland for over 50 years, so when Peter authorises a quote, you know what to expect.

Our licensed plumbers are trained in the latest best practice standards and are selected for their professionalism and expertise to join the Farquhar’s team.




Whether you are planning a renovation or require an upgrade to your existing bathroom/en suite, kitchen or laundry, Farquhar’s sell, install, service and guarantee their work.

   • Toilets

   • Taps

   • Basins

   • Shower resealing

   • Shower installation

   • Laundry taps/troughs

   • Washing machines

   • Dishwashers

• Adjust pipework to fit renovation plans


• Advise of most cost-effective solutions to renovation/upgrade requirements


• Supply and install appliances and fixtures


• Guarantee parts and labour for 12 months


Don’t wait until it’s too late. Small leaks can become a costly problem quite quickly. Farquhar’s are able to sell, install, service and guarantee our work ….







• Gutters

• Roofs

• Downpipes

• Storm water drainage

• Repair or replace and guarantee


• Upgrade and install


• Clean gutters and pipes



Farquhar’s has a dedicated vehicle to quickly and efficiently unblock drains.


Our staff are extremely careful to maintain the highest standards of hygiene.







A backflow prevention device is used to protect potable water supplies from contamination due to backflow.


Wikipedia description


Application/Agreement for Backflow Prevention Device Installation.

• Camera equipment to show you exactly where the problem is


• High pressure jetting equipment


• Rodding equipment


• Location equipment


• Same day and emergency service available

• Septic


• Sewerage


• Storm water


• Household drains

Green Plumbing


Farquhar’s are accredited with the Master Plumbers Association’s Green Plumbing initiative, an international training program designed to assist staff in the promotion of the benefits of water conservation and energy efficiency.


Talk to us about ways you can save money with an effective maintenance schedule and upgrades. For assistance with any of the following, ring 5152 6144 to chat with one of our friendly staff.


   • Fix leaky taps and pipes.


   • Clean gutters and downpipes annually, repair leaks and rusty pipes


   • Install a dual flush cistern


   • Install water-saving shower head


   • Upgrade to a water-efficient washing machine


   • Include water filters in your new kitchen


   • Find the right water tank solution for your property




Contact the Farquhar’s team to install or repair…


   • Water tanks


   • Water tank pumps

We sell, install, service and guarantee.