Property Owners Procedure to Obtain Natural Gas.



Application procedure


1. Apply to one of the Retailers on the GAS RETAILERS LIST for a NEW SERVICE CONNECTION. (Preferable to have a list of gas appliances you wish to connect to on hand to assist with possible gas load.)


ORIGIN ENERGY 1800 650 835


TRU ENERGY 1800 818 378


AGL 1800 680 430


2. The Retailer then notifies the Gas Reticulation Company.


3. The Gas Reticulation Company will send a representative to visit your property and provide you the Property Owner with the Location/Position of the Natural Gas Meter after a Gas Main has been laid in your street. They will leave a business Card for future use.


4. You the Property Owner then obtain Quotes from FARQUHARS and other Plumbers for Conversion of existing Appliances or Installation of New appliances to Natural Gas.


5. Once you have selected your Plumber, request the Plumber to Contact the Gas Reticulation Company representative via the business card left at his visit and they will arrange an agreed Connection Date.


6. The Gas Reticulation Company will then arrange to have Natural Gas Supplied to the Customers Property.


7. Once the Natural Gas line has been located on to the property. The Plumber and the Owner make application for a GAS METER CONNECTION from your Selected Retailer.


8. Allow one working day from notification for Meter to be installed.


9. Once the Natural Gas Meter is installed the selected Plumber ensures that all the Appliances are Operating Correctly on Natural Gas.


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